Copyright Registration

Do not let your valuable creativity and content go in the wrong hands. Our services help you protect and monetize your original work.

Instant and Strong Shield for the Digital Age

We have built the tools and acquired the expertise that every creator needs to protect and monitor everything he creates and shares online and offline. Our services act as a vigil to protect your business from competitors, but we also make it easier and cheaper to enforce protection.

Copyright protection adds value to your business, and alongside it shows your customers how seriously you take your business. With it, like thousands of others around the world, you can prove the rights of ownership. With us, you also get the assistance of copyright experts and safe storage of your proofs and documents.

Let your creative work get legal status, thereby creating an intellectual property that gives you exclusive rights over your creation.

Letting Your Creativity Scale new Heights

With our copyright experts, discover how we will protect your rights and generate several avenues of revenue with your creation. 

CopyRight Registration

With our copyright experts, discover how we will protect your rights and generate several avenues of revenue with your creation.


Have any questions?

When I go for Copyright Protection, what do I get?

Our team of experts performs a detailed check of all the files you provide to us. When all the documents are adequate, we prepare the application and file the forms. During this process, we keep you updated with all the information available from the Copyright Registrar.

What makes a Copyright important for any business?

Most importantly, you get the benefits of legal protection whenever the work is reproduced without authorization. Moreover, registered copyrights are intellectual property and rights that can be sold, commercially contracted, or franchised.

More importantly, it can be used for marketing and creating a sense of goodwill and quality in the customers’ minds. It obviously reflects that your work is valuable and you care about your work.

How long will the Copyright registration valid for?

Any copyright protection is valid for a duration of 60 years. In cases of dramatic, musical, literary, and artistic works, the 60-year period starts from the death of the creator or author. For cinematic films, sound recordings, posthumous publications, photographs, works of government, or transnational organizations, the 60 years durations beings from the date of publication.

Will my Copyright be valid only in India or all across the world?

It is only valid in India; however, Copyright filed in India remains valid and works as an evidence elsewhere in the world. It can be used legally as evidence to prove that you are the original creator and authorized use of the content.

Can the copyright registration be transferred or sold?

Yes, you can sell, gift, transfer, or franchise your copyright registration with due consent from the work owner.