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Do you consider GST as another legal complication that may hamper your business growth? We make it convenient for you to get your GST registration from the comfort of your office. What’s more? Our team will file returns for you and complete all other legal compliances as and when needed.

Any business with an annual turnover above 40 lacs, requires a GST registration and number. However, if your business does not need it, getting registered for GST has benefits.

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Why do I need GST registration?

It helps in getting your business to gain legal recognition. Moreover, it also opens several growth opportunities. A valid tax registration makes your business more trustworthy and competitive. In this age of e-commerce, it opens the possibilities of taking your business online as well.

It allows you to participate in various government tenders, as it is a mandatory clause in their process. A GST registration will enable you to conduct your business anywhere in India without any restrictions. Lastly, only registered GST businesses can avail of input of GST tax paid on their purchases and save on the cost.

What are the components of GST?

It has three main components. First is the central element or the CGST (Central Goods and Services Tax); second is the state component or SGST (State Goods and Services Tax), and lastly is the inter-state component called the IGST (Integrated Goods and Services Tax).

What is an input tax credit?

It helps you reduce your tax that you have already paid on inputs and pay the balance amount at the time of paying the tax. Tax is paid on the purchase when purchased from a registered seller, and when this product is sold, tax is collected again. With input credit, you can adjust the taxes at the time of purchase with the amount of tax on sales and pay the balance tax liability.

What are the different GST tax rates?

The GST tax rates vary from 0% to 28%, depending on the service or the product category.

  • Items under the basic necessities category are exempt.
  • Life-saving drugs and household necessities – 5%
  • Processed foods, computers, and peripherals – 12%
  • FMCG products like hair oil, toothpaste, industrial intermediaries and services-18%
  • Luxury items – 28%

Note: As of September 2020