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Our experts have years of experience in managing notices and other litigations with the different tax departments. 

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Income Tax/TDS/GST/TCS Notice

Our experts have years of experience in managing notices and other litigations with the different tax departments.


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Who is required to deduct TDS?

The following individuals are required to deduct TDS under the Income Tax Act:

  • Central or State Government establishment
  • Local authorities, governmental agencies
  • As notified by the Government
  • Public sector undertakings
  • Society established by the Central or the State Government

What is meant by service of notice under GST?

It is a legal document that reflects a claim raised against the party for a legal dispute. It is received with a copy of the summons to the party, and the party needs to defend himself in the matter. The party receiving it needs to carry out the required carefully according to the law.

As in the case of any law process, service notice under GST, summon, etc., it has various rules, guides, and steps that are required to be followed.

What happens in case of non-payment of TDS within time?

Under section 51(6), in case of non-payment of TDS within time, interest will be applicable at 18% per annum. It is payable in addition to the amount of tax deducted.

Can the taxpayer amend his CGST Return in case of any error and omission? If yes, how?

Yes, the taxpayer can make amendments in the Return, if required. Under Section 39(9) of the CGST Act, any changes needed to be made after furnishing the Return can be rectified. However, one cannot do it in instances of scrutiny, audit, inspection, or enforcement activity. Also, no changes or rectification are permitted after the due date for furnishing of Return.

What are the TDS and TCS credit facilities?

It is a facility available after logging in to the GST portal. All the taxpayers who are making specified sales on any of the e-commerce platforms and into any kind of work contract with the government departments are supposed to file it.