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What is advance tax, and when do I need to submit it? 

Generally, the assessment of income is made only after the year has passed. Advance tax is the prepayment of your tax liability in the year you earn it. In instances where the tax liability is more than Rs.10,000, then advance tax is payable by the assessee as per the due date. 

  • 15% – 15th June
  • 45% – 15th September
  • 75%- 15th December
  • 100% – 15th March

ITR For Businesses/Professionals

File your Income Tax Returns within minutes with utmost ease by uploading bare minimum documents from your seat. All the documents will be saved in your vault for your reference and a dedicated tax filing representative will always be available to solve your queries.


Have any questions?

Is it necessary to keep a record of copy of the return filed as proof?

Yes, it is advised to keep the copy of returns for at least six years or better to maintain it as long as possible. Under the Income Tax Act, legal proceedings can be initiated up to 6 years before the current financial year. In some instances, the proceedings can be initiated even after six years. 

Is income under freelancing activity taxable?

Yes, all the income earned from any freelancing activity is taxable under the Income Tax Act under specified provisions. 

What are the expenses allowed as a freelancer/professional?

All the expenses that are directly related to your profession as a freelancer can be claimed as deduction from the total income. For instance, office stationery, telephone bills, electricity bills, rent, salaries to staff, etc. are allowed as valid expenses. 

What all is included in my income as a professional?

Any amount received by you against the services provided to your clients will be considered as your income. Your taxable income includes income from salary, income from house property, income from capital gain, and income from other sources.