Shop and Establishment Act Registration

Are you an entity that employs casual workers, contract-based, or full-time employees? Our experts will help you meet all the legal formalities with ease.

Hassle-Free License Services for Shops and Similar Establishments

The Shop and Establishment Registration falls under the preview of state-based acts requiring a shop, hotel, or commercial establishment to register its business. We help you complete all legal formalities swiftly and accurately.

It is mandatory for you to get the license within 30 days from the commencement of your business. It is a basic license that also helps obtain many other permits and works as proof of commercial business. For this purpose, you need to provide the PAN Card, a copy of the rental agreement or sale deed, municipal tax receipt, electricity bill of the establishment.

Letting you focus on your new business; we help you sort all statutory requirements.

Getting the Right Start for Your New Business

It is vital for any new shop or commercial establishment, big or small, to adhere to the state laws. Gain assurance with our registration services customized for you. 

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What is the registration process in the Shop and Establishment Act?

The process takes approximately 4 to 6 working days to get the license issued. It starts with the document and information validation before applying the prescribed format. Once all the information and the documentary proof are collected, the application is filed with the concerned Authority. Once the application is submitted, the certificate is generated within 4-5 days of the submission.

What are the benefits or features of shop and establishment registration?

All shops and businesses are required to take the license as per the State Law applicable. Some of the benefits that you can avail from the registration are:

  • Ease in opening the Current Bank Account. 
  • Avail the convenience of a fully electronic and quick online process.
  • Minimal compliance involved.

How much time does it take to get the license for the shop or other commercial establishment?

With us, it takes a maximum of 5-7 working days from the date of filing to getting the registration formalities completed and having the license in your hands.

What are the different documents required to be maintained under the Act?

As a shop or commercial establishment owner, you need to maintain a record of various documents like details of employment, deductions, advances and salary status, holidays, etc.

I have a business that does not have any employees. Do I still need to get the registration?

All shops or commercial establishments need to register themselves under the Act, irrespective of the number of employees it has.

I am running a small factory; do I also need to register myself under this Act?

All kinds of factories are not covered by the Shop and Commercial Establishments Act. The Factories Act instead regulates these.