Trademark Registration

We want your business to flourish by safeguarding your most valuable asset, your brand, with trademark registration.

Establish Your Business by Protecting it Around the World

It may be surprising to learn the impact of trademarks, patents, and copyrights in your business. Trademark registration prevents your competitors from taking advantage of your hard-earned reputation. A fraudulent entity may register your business name and prevent you from expanding your business. 

Did you know that the single largest source of intangible value in any business is its trademark? We ensure that your trademark acts as an advertising medium for your brand and works as a seal of quality for your products or services, where ever your trademark appears upon. Working to protect your business rights and increase your business’s value, we do all that it takes to make you stay on top. 

Irrespective of your business’s size or type, our trademark registration strategy is crafted to fit your needs. 

Adding a Competitive Advantage to Your Business

We take the task of trademark registration for you beyond the scribal limits. We work out the details to determine the best way forward. 

ITR Individuals

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Have any questions?

What is a trademark?

It can be a symbol, design, words, or even phrases that identify the source of goods of a business. Getting it legally registered ensures an adequate remedy in case of misuse by any other person. It distinctively identifies your business and builds its credibility among consumers. The Trademark Act, 1999, makes way for exclusive ownership rights and restricting its usage by unauthorized persons or entities. 

How is trademark registration beneficial for my business?

Firstly, it creates an intangible asset for you that can be sold, assigned, or franchised. Alongside this, it gives you legal protection in case of any instance of infringement. 

A trademark registration gives the owner the right to create, establish, and protect the goodwill of the products and services offered. It helps to distinguish and facilitate brand creation, thereby giving you immense opportunities for business expansion. 

What are the documents required for the process of trademark registration?

The following documents will be required to initiate the process of trademark registration:

  • PAN card and address proof
  • Logo and brand name for registration
  • Affidavit
  • Documentary proof like an invoice, letterheads, etc
  • Certificate of registration
  • A signed legal document called Form TM-48

What are the different types of trademarks recognized legally in India?

The following trademarks have legal recognition in India:

  • Business Name 
  • Logo of the Company – an image, artwork of emblem of the business
  • Brands – the independent names of your product
  • Slogan – also called the punchline. 
  • Domain Name – adding protection to your business identity on the Internet
  • Sound Mark – a sound or jingle unique to your business